CGS - Green Deal Explained

The Green Deal

In a bid to improve our status as an environmentally conscious country, the ‘Green Deal’ is a new scheme introduced by the government to help homeowners and businesses alike to become greener. Suitable for homeowners and businesses alike, the new government initiative allows Green Deal providers (such as Tesco, M&S and B&Q) to finance the work needed to improve the infrastructure of UK properties.

The Green Deal UK is completely unique and has one golden rule; the saving made by the improvements must be more than the cost to make the improvements. And unlike a normal loan, the money is attached to the property not the person and is paid back through the energy bills.

Ask Assessors how to Apply

There are two ways you can apply for Green Deal, either by getting in contact with a Green Deal Assessor or Green Deal Providers. If you would like impartial advice on how reduce the carbon footprint of your home, check out the Energy Saving Trust’s website.

Green Deal Approved

Advisors & Installers

Once the property has had a thorough assessment to identify areas for improvement and whether the property is eligible for a Green Deal loan a Green Dealer Installer needs to be contacted. Green Deal installers have been thoroughly assessed to ensure quality workmanship with every installation. At Complete Green Solutions we are fully certified Green Deal Installers and Green Deal Advisors, adhering to the Green Deal Code of Practice. We will perform the installation work needed to improve the energy efficiency of your home.


Green Deal ‘products’ is a term which describes the measures which can be taken to improve the infrastructure of a property. There are lots of ways you can reduce the carbon footprint of your property, including insulation, micro power generation ( renewable source of energy – wind turbines, solar panels etc.) and lighting – to learn more please view our different categories which explains how each measure can help improve your property.

Green Deal Approved