Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

The renewable heat incentive scheme presents homeowners and businesses with the funds to make energy efficient improvements to the infrastructure of their property. The Renewable Heat Incentive scheme helps homeowners by giving them long-term support if they install a renewable heating kit.

Heating a property consumes a large quantity of energy, however if the electricity which is used to provide heating is subsidised by a renewable source those heating bills would become more energy efficient and less expensive.

The Sun

Air Source Heat Pumps

As the name suggests, Air Source Heat Pumps use the energy/heat found in the outdoor atmosphere and upgrades it. Due to this, it’s possible to heat water, radiators and underfloor heaters, and although the Air Source Heat Pumps require electricity they are absorbing heat from a renewable source – making it a lot more efficient.

Energy efficiency rating scale

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps operate underground and effectively take the heat which can be found in the earth and transports it through the home to provide hot water and heating. It’s very efficient and as such it has been proven to save around 1.8 tonnes of carbon emissions a year – not to mention the savings you will notice on your energy bills.

Radiator dial


Did you know that your boiler accounts for around 60% of your annual energy bill? If you have an old boiler it could be drinking your energy, which is why it might be worthwhile getting a newer boiler which is energy efficient. If you swap your ‘G’ rated boiler or an ‘A’ rated boiler, you could save £300.00 a year and cut your carbon footprint by 1,220kg. We’ll inspect your boiler and tell you if you could save energy by replacing your current boiler.

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