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LED bulbs

Light up your world with low energy lighting and become energy efficient. It may seem like a small and rather insignificant change to implement, but the types of bulbs/lamps you have in your property can have a huge impact on your energy consumption.

When compared with traditional incandescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs have a long life span and are very energy efficient. In fact, by swapping your light bulbs you could end up slashing your lighting costs by 90% which equates to roughly 8% of a typical household bill. To put this into context, you could end up saving £70 throughout the life of the light bulb.

Another source of low energy lighting is Compact Fluorescents (CFL’s) – these lamps are becoming increasingly popular, and while they are not quite as energy efficient as LED lamps they are a energy-efficient replacement to incandescent and halogen down lighters, and are less expensive than LED light bulbs.

In the past, energy efficient light bulbs were slow to light up and were weak in comparison to its counterpart – the incandescent bulb. However things have changed, and now low energy lighting offer instant light which is warm and robust. There really is no excuse not to invest in low energy lighting, as it offers everything an incandescent light bulb did, if not more.

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