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The Renewable Heat Incentive – What’s it all about?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a financial incentive scheme designed to encourage the domestic and commercial public’s uptake of renewable heating systems. This means the government will PAY YOU for the energy you produce for 7 years (domestic) and 20 years (commercial) !

SAVE money on your bills and EARN money from the government by installing any of the following heating measures:

- Biomass Boilers
Dependant on your current boiler, you could save up to £650 a year and receive up to £3390 per year in payments through the RHI Scheme (19.2p for every kWh of energy you produce).

- Air source heat pumps
Depending on your current heating system you can save between £60 – £130 per year on your energy bill, and depending on your household size you can get paid £190 – £460 from the government’s RHI Scheme (7.3p for every kWh of energy you produce).

- Solar Thermal heating Systems
Replacing your existing heating system could reduce your energy bills by up to £1845 per month (varies dependent on boiler, and property) and you can get PAID up to £1280 per year through the government RHI scheme. (12.2p for every kWh of energy you produce).

All figures based on information from GOV and The Energy Saving Trust

If you live in Coventry, Leicester, Nuneaton or further afield and need guidance on which energy saving measures will get you the best return for your investment then do not hesitate to contact us today on 0800 849 8110 and we can arrange your no obligation FREE SURVEY.

Or, use the domestic RHI online calculator which can tell you exactly what savings you can make.