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Take a look at how you could make a profit of £17,000 by installing Solar panels on your roof! (based on a standard 4KW System)

Statistics based on The Energy Saving Trust current Feed In Tariff rates. Visit their website for more info: The Energy Saving Trust

What are ‘FIT payments’ ?

To put it simply, the government will PAY YOU for all the energy your solar panels produce, known as ‘generation payments’
In addition you will recieve further payments for the surplus energy you do not use and instead export back to the grid, known as ‘export payments’

These payments, combined with all the savings on your electricity bills can amount to approximately £17,000 over 20 years based on one of our typical 4KiloWatt Solar PV systems!

You may be thinking – how can you finance the initial cost of the solar panels?

Here at Complete Green Solutions we offer help and adivce to help you finance all energy efficient measures

Our partnership with Hitatchi Fanance Plan would give you 6 months interest free credit with their “Buy Now Pay Later” plan which is followed by monthly direct debit payments (inc interest)

Alternatively you can opt for Green Deal Finance, whereby your payments are added to your monthly energy bills and are offset by your savings (also inc interest)

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