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Thermal energy

Thermal energy presents an innovative solution for properties across the UK, providing hot water and heating without incurring high energy bills and carbon emissions. Thermal stores present a unique heating solution which allows you store and manage renewable heat until it is needed; the most common being solar thermal energy.

Thermal stores can be designed to take different forms of inputs, from solar panels, wood fuelled boiler or heat pumps. With this in mind, a thermal store can provide both hot water and heating to a property – which is why they are becoming increasingly popular.

You can also combine the thermal store with an immersion heater or a conventional boiler, so in the winter months you’ll have hot water and heating whenever you need it. The thermal solar power requires solar panels fitted to the roof, which acts as collectors. They effectively harness the power of the sun to generate energy which is then used to heat water and provide hot water.

Thermal energy is very effective at reducing carbon emissions and lowering energy bills – just one measure which can be installed. To learn more why not get in touch with us at Complete Green Solutions or click here to visit our sister company? You can call us directly on 0800 849 8110 or fill in our online contact form.